August 7, 2022

SNL satirises lacklustre Cop26 with ‘hot and pissed’ Mother Earth

Saturday Night Live marked the end of the recent Cop26 UN climate conference in Glasgow with a sketch featuring an appearance from ‘Mother Earth’.

Mother Earth was played by cast member Aidy Bryant, who joined Colin Jost during the show’s Weekend Update segment on Saturday 20 November.

Jost introduced his guest by stating that: “The UN’s climate change conference ended this week, with many saying that not nearly enough was done to address the alarming rise in global temperature. Here to comment is Mother Earth.”

After starting the sketch in an exaggerated comic accent, Mother Earth returned to an ordinary voice as she described herself as “just a normal mom who’s hot and pissed.”

She went on to reel off a list of strange human practices that she has turned a blind eye to. “Here’s the thing, I’m not a hard ass. You guys have got to admit I’ve been a very cool mom. I let a lot of weird stuff slide,” she said. “Like, I let you do Sea World. I let you put mascara on rats and monkeys. You know, New York is like a mix of cabs and horses, and I’m like: ‘I don’t love it, but do your thing’ you know? But now I am worried. I think I’m, like, sick?”

When Jost asked her advice about what humanity can do to reverse the current climate crisis, she replied: “Well, it’s all the things that you don’t want to do, like no more hamburgers or Forever 21. Stop throwing iPhones in the ocean, and can I just say one thing? Coal is from my ass, you know that right? You’re literally going down, digging around in my ass and grabbing coal nuggets. Then you’re like: ‘Oh, I think we should burn our mom’s ass rock.’ And the sun is like right there, literally begging for a job, but you guys are like: ‘No, no, we have a grand tradition of burning our mom’s ass.’”

Asked by Jost if she felt new technology could help, Mother Earth took the opportunity to mock recent near-space expeditions led by Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos: “I don’t know. I feel like all I see is divorced nerds trying to colonize Mars. Honestly, I know Mars. She’s a hot, dry, windy whore.”

The sketch concluded with Mother Earth addressing the audience directly: “I’m your mother. I care about you. I love you, and this can go one of two ways. You help me, or… I’m gonna kill you. Mama gonna kill you dead.”

She finished the bit on a sarcastic note: “Nah, I’m kidding. I love you guys. I think the corporations are really gonna help you!”

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