December 7, 2022

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids is now available to buy – and it can even help out with homework 

The Echo Dot Kids is now available to buy on Amazon: This clever device can help little ones with homework, tell bedtime stories AND reward good manners

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The launch was originally announced back in September 2020, and the brand new Amazon Echo Dot Kids is now finally available to buy – and it’s already being snapped up by eager parents. 

Amazon’s most popular smart speaker has been given a makeover, and this new version is purposefully built with children in mind. 

Pitched as a fun way for kids to learn and have fun, it comes with a whole host of features that can help your little ones learn and play. 

It can even help with homework, teach your little one to spell, filter explicit songs and set alarms with the voice of their favourite character.  

Available in two animal deigns, the new £59.99 Alexa Echo Dot Kids has been created specifically for children 

The voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa has helped adults suss out the weather, get the latest news and assist with home security, but the latest launch is made specifically for the kids. 

While the Amazon Echo Dot Kids can still do some of the things that the original device did (it can still play music, make calls to pre-approved contacts and answer questions on demand), it’s been given some kid-proofing and extra special features. And all with the same crisp vocals and balanced bass. 

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids brings new Alexa features and parental controls to the much-loved smart speaker. 

There are a host of exciting new features available, all of which have easy-to-use parental controls so you can have a strict say in how much time your child has access to the Echo Dot. 

As well as setting daily time limits, you can filter explicit songs and review activity in the Amazon Parent Dashboard, which can be accessed through your smart phone.

All-new Echo Dot (4th generation) Kids in Panda

All-new Echo Dot (4th generation) Kids in Tiger

Alexa will automatically give child-friendly responses, filter explicit songs and block shopping to give you peace of mind 

Plus, it’s tailored to your child’s imagination. Alexa now speaks ‘kid’, meaning it has age-appropriate suggestions at the ready. Children can ask Alexa for help with their homework, as well as ask for jokes, bedtime stories and games. They can even be woken up with the sound of their favourite characters. 

It can also teach them a thing or two about manners. The Magic Word feature offers positive reinforcement when it hears the word ‘please’ when asking questions to Alexa. Think of it as an electronic Mary Poppins.  

And despite launching last week, parents are already leaving glowing reviews, hailing the Amazon Echo Dot Kids as ‘fabulous for little ones’.

One delighted shopper left a five-star review, writing: ‘Great companion for my little boy!’

‘It filters all the potentially bad things. Bed time stories, kids friendly music, some games when kiddo is bored and many more! Fits well in his room as well.’

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