May 28, 2023
TikToker’s hair complaint after swim in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon goes viral

TikToker’s hair complaint after swim in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon goes viral

A woman’s TikTok video complaining about her hair condition after a swim in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon has gone viral.

Reanne Brown shared a post on TikTok following a dip in the geothermal seawater, which has now garnered nearly 15 million views.

The video shows Ms Brown holding her hair, making an unhappy face, and zooming in on the strands.

Words across it read: “Note to girls visiting the blue lagoon in Iceland.. DON’T get your hair wet.. my hair has taken 4 washes and still hasn’t gone back to normal!”

The Blue Lagoon is a natural spa pool heated by geothermal wells and a popular tourist destination in Grindavik, Iceland.

The water contains algae, minerals and silica, and is thought to have restorative qualities and skincare benefits.

However, it can make hair feel dry and stiff if soaked in the pool.

Users were quick to comment underneath the post, with a few people sharing the hair advice they’d been given when visiting the Blue Lagoon.

“They literally tell you to leave conditioner in your hair while in the lagoon and to put it up,” one user wrote, while another added: “They tell you to coat your hair in their conditioner before going in and tie it up in a bun, mine was great!”

Someone else offered a tip: “To all going, they have conditioner in the locker rooms, douse your hair in it then put it in a bun. Don’t soak it but wash it after in the showers.”

However, Ms Brown wasn’t the only one to not realise this, with one commenting: “Same thing happened to me! Felt like straw!”, while another said: “This happened to my friend when we went.”

In a follow-up post to say she’d not been aware of the Blue Lagoon hair guidance outlined by her followers while at the spa, Ms Brown wrote: “POV: You’re the Karen who complains to the front desk to the blue lagoon people who never told you to put conditioner in your hair before putting it in the water.”

“PS – they were actually so lovely,” she added.

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