May 26, 2022

Ellie Warner’s boyfriend ‘cameos’ on Gogglebox after recovering from hit-and-run

Gogglebox star Ellie Warner’s boyfriend cameoed in the latest episode after being critically injured in a hit-and-run accident.

Warner took an extended break from the series so she could be by Nat Eddleston’s bedsite while he fought for his life.

She returned in Friday night’s episode (13 May) of the popular entertainment series and, at one stage, had a phone call with Nat.

The call came after she had spoken with her sister Izzi about the pair having a “shotgun wedding”.

“I said to Nat this morning, when we get married what type of wedding do you want? And he went: ‘A shotgun wedding,’” Ellie said.

She added: “So I said ‘ooo does that mean you want me to be pregnant before we get married?’ and he said ‘no’. I actually want to know what he thought a shotgun wedding was.”

Ellie then called Nat and put him on loudspeaker where she asked him to clarify what he thought the term meant.

He replied that he believed it referred to the groom being “forced to get married”. When he added that this was due to “getting someone pregnant”, Ellie asked Nat if he was planning “to get me pregnant”, he once again replied: “No.”

The girls laughed in response, with Ellie saying “right, bye” and putting the phone down on him.

Ellie Warner called boyfriend Nat in the latest episode of ‘Gogglebox’

(Channel 4)

According to The Sun, Gogglebox bosses gave Ellie as much time as she needed away from the show after Nat’s accident.

A source close to the series said: “Channel 4 take duty of care really seriously. Obviously Ellie and Izzi are two of the most loved regulars on the show but it wouldn’t be right for them to have to film a light-hearted show when Nat is in such a critical condition.

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“Producers have made it clear there is no pressure to return to filming and they can take all the time they need.”

Eddleston was rushed to intensive care on 18 March after the incident occurred in Leeds while he was on his way home from a night out.

He was placed on a life support machine after breaking his neck and back, and having two collapsed lungs.

Ellie and Izzi have been Gogglebox regulars since 2015. Their fans sent well wishes to Warner, Eddleston and their families in the wake of the accident.

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